Remote Networking Meetings

With the ever-busy society in which we live these days, there was an imminent need to continue with extraordinary online meetings. Can't make the meeting? No problem, they are recorded and are located on the website.

Uniquely to any other business networking group, "RCN" bi-weekly online meetings are held in a private business zoom channel. Enabling members to get together when their schedule best fits to take in the information. "RCN" understands that a successful networking group has essential information to share with its members regularly. Using the right technology makes this process easy, convenient, and time-sensitive to your busy schedules. Conducting meetings like this and recording them simultaneously gives our members the added value they need now and moving forward.

Regular live videos, vlogs, and blogs also are found on the website and on relevant social media channels. There are so many ways of sharing members' companies, services, and personalities that combining social media, the website, and remote networking meetings makes sense and is a great way to tie everything together. Additionally, it's pretty amazing how this practice self advertises members all at the same time.

When you have an expected target audience and your networking group is based on synergetic referrals, the commonality serves everyone well. These meetings are informative, part of the overall package, and entertaining all simultaneously. You won't want to miss out.