Realtors Choice Network

The World’s Leading Referral Networking Organization

The Realtors Choice Network, commonly known as RCN, is a micro-focused network of businesses. Be a part of a local network with a global reach. RCN is one of the largest and most successful business networking organizations with Members and Chapters in 18 Canadian Cities and 124 Cities in the USA. Growing daily

Using today’s smart technology and experiencing the faults of other networking groups, The Realtors Choice Network, “RCN” was created. RCN is based on 10 years of experience as members in both the Chamber of Commerce and multiple BNI chapters and has been in development for over 15 years. It launched in 2021 and consists of Realtors with over 27 years of experience.

The success was almost instant with combining technology with its core members, affiliate members, and lead-generating members

What you can expect from RCN is a vibrant group of business owners and community-minded individuals working together in a natural synergetic atmosphere—working as a group of like-minded, referring business owners. It’s easy to do when you all have the same target audiences!

Utilizing the best tools and technology, RCN offers its members in-person live networking events and Bi-weekly online live events. When the executive council has approved a business or member to join RCN, as part of the application process, the new member shares with the RCN organization a profile photo and all of their relevant contact information.

All members of RCN are also an extension of your sales team. When you are in a synergetic micro-focused business networking group that is all working together on the greater cause, great things happen all the time, and for the right reason. For you to grow your business and to make more sales.

Revolution + Optimism

We look forward to a greater future powered by optimism, enthusiasm, and revolution towards business networking. RCN members are exposed to more – and more varied – ideas when they interact with a diverse group of business owners from various backgrounds and perspectives.


Here at RCN, we glean knowledge from our members by networking, communicating, and collaborating with them. This gives us the opportunity to expand our business network by forming professional relationships that could lead to greater and profitable opportunities.


Business networks built on trust are highly resilient, adaptive, and efficient. This increases workforce engagement, which can lead to higher productivity and retention.

Durable Learning

A thriving business requires lifelong learning. Being a part of the RCN and organization enables learning while growing and achieving more outstanding outcomes in a challenging environment.

Bright Outlook

Having positive experiences daily and weekly makes all of the difference, and is why RCN makes so much sense in today’s market.


RCN recognizes that marketing and networking have evolved over many years. With today’s technology and familiar targeted audiences, the goal is to grow continuously and to get a return on investment.