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Steven for a reason

Steven McMullin, known as "Steven for a reason," is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Steven started his career off at a very early age as a cook and later became a seasoned chef over 24 years. Following a 24-year culinary career, Steven fell in love with public speaking, business networking, and marketing. Soon he challenged himself by starting a brand new sales career; and quickly realized the power of business networking and referral of sales and business. These decades of varied work and life experiences with a robust entrepreneurial spirit created the RCN Show. By utilizing his natural creativity, love of people, and business sense when it came to business networking, the RCN Show was just a natural thing to do. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm CST!


The nickname "Steven for a reason" stems from a dear friend of Steven's who nicknamed him and sadly passed away. Steven wanted to pay tribute to his close friend by using it, as you can see RIP Anrea on his animated character