Realtors Choice Network

About Us

Using today’s smart technology and experiencing the faults of other networking groups, The Realtors Choice Network, “RCN” was created. RCN is based on 10 years of experience as members in both the Chamber of Commerce and multiple BNI chapters and has been in development for over 15 years. It launched in 2021 and consists of Realtors with over 27 years of experience.

The success was almost instant with combining technology with its core members, affiliate members, and lead-generating members. 



Realtors Choice Network Mission

Growing your personal, financial or business profiles is the goal. Our aim is to make North America a much smaller place to conduct business. The Realtors Choice Network is designed with today’s best technology to bridge these gaps and close distances. RCN connects you with like-minded business owners and community leaders. Our mission encompasses your growth, and growth of all members together with the help of RCN's infrastructure and assistance.

Realtors Choice Network Vision

Our broad viewpoint recognizes today’s need in business for better and intelligent marketing. Here at RCN, we are all invested in each other's growth and success as members. It allows us to receive insight and support from our community while achieving our desired objectives. Our commitment to our members is our accountability. The vision of Realtors Choice was to build the Ultimate Relocation Service Program and app. It soon developed into a massive network of opportunities by connecting North American Realtors, clients, and families to local businesses. We facilitate networking through regular one-on-one meetings and new experiences while developing reciprocating, long-term relationships.